Saturday, October 15, 2011

I  plan to do a local complete> version of this documentary as I posted earlier here in the Philippines.  For inspiration of the full version of Simply Raw which can be browse at youtube : Reversing Diabetes in 30 Days.  Most Filipinos can relate to this film since just as Americans are a diverse group with a wide range of ethic backgrounds so is the average Filipino.  Most Filipinos are a one or a mixture of the following ethnicities:  , Chinese, webcam girlsMalay, Japanese, Korean Caucasian , Black, Latino, etc due to several hundred years of foreign occupations, refugee immigration, and military bases stationed here.  So the documentary does an outstanding job of picking a wide range of races and ethnicities to show how the program will theoretically work for all of those who can take it seriously and follow it with discipline for 30 days.
Throughout the film you will see how many drugs and medications these individuals will be able to abandon forever and blow the minds of their doctors who, up until then, had never seen or heard of curing something that was “supposed to have no cure”.  You will also see the struggles of some of the subjects with respect to how they must deal with the “withdrawal” symptoms of food.  As I’ve said before, there is no doubt that food is one of the most powerfully addictive “drugs” that will give you both euphoric highs after eating and crushingly depressive lows when you are deprived of a craving.  But when watching this film be sure to ask yourself whether or not cravings are “natural” or rather a highly addictive side-effect of eating unhealthy processed foods.  While I’ll always say that everything in moderation is okay, obviously that is a very relative statement for many people who have little restraint.  To be clear, those who abuse their bodies and feel the dramatic highs and lows are technically no better than the addict or shabu junkie on the corner looking for their next fix.
Again, think about what I said above when watching this film.  Also notice that those who put their heart and soul into the project got more out of if than they believed possible.  What made them successful was that they had an open mind.  A few others in the film were negative, self-loathing, prideful, and defeatist in that they could not accept that they had been doing something wrong their entire lives.  They could not accept that “authorities”, i.e. their doctors might have been all wrong this whole time.  As I’ve said elsewhere, pride is a very powerful thing and something that I do not fully understand.  Pride is so powerful for some people that they’d rather die and take everyone down with them (like the crab mentality) to avoid admitting that they made a mistake.  Even if you can get them to admit that there is nothing wrong with learning from their mistakes (since nobody is perfect) they resent you as if you take pleasure in their faults.  Nobody can possibly win in a situation like that.  Therefore for something like this to work, it often requires a group effort and support from those who are going through the same things that you experience.  Just like working out where you are much more motivated to train inside of a gym since you feed off of the energy of those around you, the best results of a detoxification eating plan are seen when you surround yourself with positive and like minded people.
Finally take note that while this documentary focuses on diabetes, it also can be applied to treating or curing nearly every chronic disease known to humankind.  There is no greater power to cure than a healthy lifestyle and good nutrition  Food is the ultimate “medicine” and, when used properly, it can treat or cure anything.
Be sure to pass along to all of your friends and family so that they too may help ease the suffering of another or even save a life.  I have yet to meet someone who wasn’t changed forever after watching this documentary.  In the future, the life you save may be your own.